TNC Govt. Junior College




At present one NSS unit is functioning in this college with more than 100 volunteers, this unit is playing most important role in creating social awareness and secure of discipline among student community in addition to their regular academic work. Sri J. Srinivasulu, JL in M&AT (VOC) as Program Officer. Under the guidance of Dr. Allam. Udaya Shankar, NSS Project Coordinator, V.S. University, Nellore.


At present two groups was there in each group consists of 50 students under Junior Red Cross functioning in this college. These volunteers trained under JRC on seven basic Principles of Red Cross i.e. Humanity, Impartiality, Neutrality, Independence, Voluntary Service, unity and universality. At present Smt. R. Padmaja, Junior Lecturer in Zoology acting as Junior Red -cross Coordinator of this college.


Internal Complaints committee Constituted in this college in compliance with Redressal Act 2013.


The state government has launched Nadu-Nedu scheme during November 14, 2019 to take the basic infrastructure works in all government schools for transformation of government school in the state.

Honourable Chief Minister, Pleased to extend this scheme to all Govt. Junior Colleges in phase 2nd under this scheme sum of Rs. 76 lakhs sanctioned to this college, works will be taken up by College Development Committee. Through the implementation of Nadu-Nedu program better infrastructure is hoped to better the education experience resulting in higher retention rate.

College Development Committee

  • Smt. P. Vimala (Parent Member)
  • Sri Ch. Srinivasulu (Parent Member)
  • Sri T. SK. Faharadunisa (Parent Member)
  • Sri T Suresh JL in CE.
  • Sri G. Prabhakar, JL in Botany
  • Sri D. Balaji, A.E. in Samagra Shiksha
  • Sri K. Harish, C.R.P.
  • Sri T. Madhusudhana Rao, Alumni cum Donor.
  • Sri S.A. Sikindar Basha, Principal


The objective of the Grievance cell is to develop a responsive and accountable attitude among the students in order to maintain a harmonious education atmosphere in the college.

• Encouraging the students to express their grievance/problems freely and frankly without any fear of being victimized.


  • Smt. M jyothi. JL in English -co-ordinator
  • Sri G.Goutam JL in English - member
  • J.Srinivashulu JL in Commerce - member
  • T.Suresh JL in C.E - member
  • G.Subhramayan JL in Physics - member
  • M.Srinath 2nd MPC - Student member
  • Rishitha 1st CEC - student member


To promote human values as well as ethical values. Among the students and ultimately to sensitize them on values and need to adapt them in their lives.

• Encouraging the students to express their grievance/problems freely and frankly without any fear of being victimized.


  • I sridhar Rao JL in Chemistry - Co-ordinator
  • J sukumar JL in History - member
  • T.Anil JL in M&AT - member
  • M.Sujatha JL in Telugu - member